Inferno - Dan Brown I usually do not write reviews for the books that I read but I absolutely adore Dan Brown when it comes to the Robert Langdon series. Instantly, the reader is introduced to Robert waking up in a hospital (thinking its in Boston) only to realize that it is a hospital in Florence, Italy. He cannot remember what he has done in the last 36 hours and only to be surprised when a girl comes and shoots one of the doctors. Yikes!

I was captivated by the whole atmosphere of Florence & Venice; its art, architecture, and sense of culture. Dan Brown did a fabulous job paying a tribute to one of greatest writers in History, Dante Alighieri. What I did not like about the book was the sense of constant plot twist of who is evil vs good. Apparently its the main antagonist, Bertrand Zobrist. So essentially, I wasted 200 pages to realize that the whole chasing scene between Robert vs WHO & Consortium was just a misunderstanding that they believed Robert was working for the wrong side and not that he suffers from amnesia?... The ending was ruined for me. When we discover that the virus that Bertrand Zobrist created finally was spread around the globe, making almost everyone infertile just pissed me off. I thought it was going to be a big bang ending with Robert Langdon saving the world. Instead the virus infected everyone and there is no cure to fix it.

So essentially Zobrist won the battle and Robert Langdon wasted his time figuring out the clues only to know he failed to save the planet. Everything is happily ever after and Robert flies back home to Boston. The End.