Love is the Cure: On life, loss and the end of AIDS - Elton John It has been over a year that I have wanted to read the book and I am excited that I finally finished it! Elton John's book introduces us to the story of one of the most important people that he ever encounter, Ryan White. I heard about this kid and knew his life story but not in details and this is a kid who truly help remove the stigma on HIV/AIDS and promoted change, love, and hope for the future. Elton John had an extreme case of alcoholism, sex addiction, bulimic, and was addicted to Cocaine. Because of the death of Ryan White, it was a wake up call for him and lucky went to rehab and has been sober ever since.

It is remarkable to hear about this from him because I honestly did not know how bad his addiction was and I am surprise that he is still able to sing after all these years. This book encounters memories of Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Diana, and countless others who inspired Elton's life and helped manifest his foundation, Elton John's AIDS Foundation aka EJAF.

I have to warn you, I fell into this trap that this book was going to purely on memoirs and its NOT! For about 90 pages, he talks about his friends and loved ones but for most of the book he talks about the history of HIV/AIDS, the destructive past that surrounded this plague, and talks about current events, and things that have become a milestone thanks to his foundation. Elton John uses references to articles in magazines and newspapers to inform where he is getting his information.

I believe this book is crucial and insightful and open my eyes to the chaos that is surrounding this planet and how we as individuals need to step up and start curing the world of diseases with love and dignity. He and countless others are truly passionate towards ending the world of AIDS through the help of government, pharmaceutical companies, foundations and charities and religious institutions. We need to remove the stigma when it comes to HIV/AIDS and fight for a better today, tomorrow, and future generations.