Metropolis - Osamu Tezuka, Kumar Sivasubramanian This was 100x better than the previous book I read of Osama Tezuka (Nextworld). I've seen the movie that this manga is based on let alone be disappointed that it was loosely based on this book.

This book is about this villain named Duke Red who has created this fascist party, The Red Party. He created an illusion of black spots using rocks to make it seem the world is going to end. He ask this scientist to create an artificial being and wreck havoc. Unfortunately, The being is created called Michi (Unisex Name) only to safely escape with the doctor. She grows up and doesn't know about her abilities and returns back to the city with the doctor. Duke red finds out, kills the doctor and tries to captor Michi. Once Michi is in the presence of Duke Red, she finds out she is a robot and starts destroying the ship and plans to kill all humans. In the end, Michi dies because the machine that holds the black spots gets destroyed and the rocks is what gave Michi her cells and powers. Everyone believes she's an outcast only to realize that Michi's one source of hope was destroyed by Duke Red.

I love how they added Mickey Mouse illustrations, and I love the concept of the book. But sadly, the plot was weak and focused on other characters that did not really contribute to the plot. This book reminded me of an early outline of Astroboy because Michi had similar features and appearance as Astroboy and reminded me a little bit of Superman with the same name of the city and Michi's flying abilities.