Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins Compare to the previous two best selling books, this was not what I expected but nonetheless I truly cherished it as the final book of the trilogy. It starts right where catching fire left us as Katniss is recuperating from the aftermath of the Quarter Quell. I believe the book could have been longer because like the other books, she describe and writes about the journey to different cities and in this book, one moment they are in District 8, then later on they catch a hovership and send off to District 2 and it feels like more of an errand than a journey.

I can congratulate her on how it kept me reading consistently figuring out how she would kill Snow and I don't know why but I felt as if Katniss was Harry Potter and finally going to kill Snow, little to be known, she doesn't and instead blacked out through the rebels renegade. I thought Peeta was going to battle Katniss as Snow reprogrammed him or that Gale would die. I burst into tears when Prim died because I was not expecting that at all. The author made it simple and early on for me that Katniss was going to end up with Peeta and sadly end her friendship with Gale. He changed so much through the course of this book that it didn't shocked why she wouldn't end up with him. I originally was going to read this book when I read the other 2 books last year but I'm glad that I didn't!!! Taking a year to read the final book really helped me adapt so much of what has changed in Katniss's world and since its been a year I read it, I connect with Katniss and Peeta more as they process old foggy memories. If I could sum up the book it would be... Spectacular. Bittersweet. Memorable.