Watchmen - Dave Gibbons, John Higgins, Alan Moore Before I review this book, I will keep it short and simple! I saw the movie first but at the time I found it rather a waste of my time. But over the years I kept seeing reviews to read the comics so I became open minded and read it!

Thank God I Did! I really like this comic book and I would rate it either an 4 or 5 but I tell you why I rated it as a 3. It is LONG! It's 400 pages worth of storyline and illustrations and I thought I would never finished it. I read this like in March and its just these last 2 days that I picked it up and read where I left off. I absolutely love Dr. Manhattan and his storyline was great and I would read it faster than the other characters.

At times I could only read 20 pages because Alan Moore wrote another comic within this comic book which I understand it relates to the current situation of this graphic novel but it was too bizarre and I found it rather useless to be added into the comics. Thank You & Goodnight!