In the Shadow of No Towers - Art Spiegelman When I encounter Art Spiegelman with his award-winning creation of Maus, my world was utterly change in context of comic book reading and capturing the substance of history through comics. In regards to 9/11, I was researching books that capture this period in time and found that Art Spiegelman wrote this comic series and the library had it! So I checked it out...

I was in the 1st grade when this disaster exploded around the world and too young to understand the meaning or the politics that erupted after this event but Art Spiegelman relinquishes his paranoia, his frustration, and lost sense of sanity in this comic book. It deals with what he was doing on that day in NYC, his conspiracy theories about the US Government, and how Bush used 9/11 as a tool to lead us into war with Iraq.

Spiegelman courageously illustrated his ideas where no one dared to approach the subject and jokingly reveals how his ideals manifested quicker than the average American. I didn't like that it was so short because even though I understand clearly that he is truly piss about how nothing seems to be accomplished, he didn't discuss further about his family, friends, or even how America reacted to the aftermath of this disaster.

One concept that resonated with me deeply is he comically mentions that we need a third party called the Ostrich Party and talks about how this two party system is not helping the US anymore and I completely agree. We as a nation need a third party in Congress to eliminate this utterly useless feud among these parties and finally concerns ourselves with what is needed to accomplish a better nation for our fellow citizens.